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Solutions for fearful patients

Millions of Americans never see a dentist. Not because they’re extremely lucky in the oral health department, but because they are scared or anxious. Many have had bad childhood experiences with dentists. Many fear dental pain or sharp instruments or even the sound of a dental drill.

For patients who are anxious, fearful or nervous, Molina Endodontics offers both oral sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide. Our board-certified dental anesthesiologist will see any patient who wants general or IV sedation, as well. You’ll also be happy to know that we use extra-gentle numbing techniques – unlike any you may have experienced before.

If you have avoided dental health visits for any reason, you owe it to yourself to try sedation dentistry. If you have complex dental problems that require extensive treatment and multiple visits, sedation dentistry may allow more work to be done in far fewer visits. Best of all, you simply relax and feel no pain.

Advanced sterilization procedures for your safety

For maximum patient safety, Molina Endodontics uses sterilization procedures that meet or exceed the stringent guidelines set forth by OSHA. Which means that we’ll put your fear of germs to rest, too.

For no-anxiety sedation dentistry in South Gate, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera and Lynwood, choose Molina Endodontics in LA County, CA. Call (562) 904-1807 for more information or simply use our convenient online Request An Appointment form. Se habla español.

Sonia Molina, DMD, MPH, is an experienced, highly skilled endodontist located in Downey, CA and serves Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, Beach Cities and Las Vegas. Dr. Molina has practiced endodontics here since 1992. She provides exceptional one-on-one patient care for root canal therapy, retreatment, apicoectomy, apexification and oral/facial pain. She uses sedation dentistry for fearful patients and has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings among Southern California endodontists.

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